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29 January 2009

GR part 4: Southern Cross

Part 1: The story begins...
Part 2: Swan Station
Part 3: I Carry a Ticket of Eternity

What's the Flame of Scorpio?

lt's a scorpion that burned to death.
lt burst into flames.
lt was so hot...
it is still burning today.

Scorpions are really bad bugs!
My teacher told me that
they'll try to sting you with
their tail and you can die!

That's true, but scorpions aren't bad.

Our father told us once about
the scorpion of Baldora Field.
The scorpion killed other bugs
and ate them.

Then one day, a weasel found him.
The scorpion fled,
and fell into a deep well.
He was trapped, and knew he'd die.
Then, he thought to himself,
"How often have l eaten other creatures?
And now, the one time that
l was the prey, l fled in utter terror.
And look what came of that.
l'll die in this well, alone."

"Life is filled with uncertainty.
Why didn't l accept my fate? lf l had
freely given my life to the weasel,
l would have given him
another day of life.
But now my death will help no one.
l am useless.
Dear Lord, l beg of you, look into
my heart and hear my prayer.
ln my next life, don't let me
waste myself.
Let me use my body for the true
happiness of everyone in the world."

And then the scorpion burst into flame:
a brilliant crimson glow.
And by the light of his burning body,
he lit up the night forever.

How beautiful!

We're at the village of Centaurus!

Centaurus! The Festival!

Yeah! You're right!
lt's the Festival of Stars!
lt looks like everyone is out celebrating
the Centaurus Festival tonight.

We'll be at the Southern Cross soon.
Get ready to disembark.
We need to get ready to go now.

l want to stay here on the train!
l don't want to go.

l know, but we have to get off here.

No! l'm staying on the train!
l want to ride some more!

l'm sorry but we have to get off here.
lt's time for us all to go.

Now, be a good boy.
This is where we get to Heaven.

Come, we need to go.

Well. Goodbye, then.



l guess... lt's just the two of us now.

Hey, let's just keep going
like this forever! Okay?

That's right! We'll always be together,
won't we, Campanella?

Yes, l'd like that.

But then again,
where exactly are we going, anyway?

Well, l don't know.

As long as we're together!

Hey! Look at that!

lt's the Coal Sack - a hole in the sky.

What's wrong? Hey, don't worry!
l'm not afraid of the dark anymore.

We'll get through this
together, won't we?

Yeah, l guess you're right then.
We will get through it.

Look at that lovely field out there.
lt's so beautiful. So peaceful.

What field?

That must be the field
of the true Heaven.

l see now. That's where my mother is.
She's waiting for me.

Campanella, we'll always
be together, won't we?


Campanella, wait!
Wait! l'm going with you!

Goodbye, Giovanni, my friend.

No! Wait!

You said we'd be together forever!
You promised!

Open up! Open up!

Open up! Open up!

Goodbye, Giovanni...



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