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29 January 2009

GR part 3: I Carry a Ticket of Eternity

Part 1: The story begins...
Part 2: Swan Station

The observatory at Albireo?

We're already leaving the Swan.

You can see the observatory
at Albireo outside right now.

Of course, they probably won't
give you an answer.

Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee!

Even though it be a cross that raiseth me,

Still all my song shall be,

Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee.

Ticket inspection!
Ticket inspection!

lt's time for ticket inspection!

May l have your tickets, please?


Your ticket, please.

Excuse me, sir, but did you get
this ticket in the third dimension?

l'm not really sure where l got it.

Very well, sir.

We will reach the Southern Cross
at precisely 12 o'clock, sir.

My ticket is different.

Can my ticket take me where you're going?

Of course!
That's an incredibly rare ticket!

lt can even take you. Yes,
it can take you to the true Heaven!

Why, with that ticket...

Yes, l see! lt'll take you
to everywhere this train runs,
anywhere in the fourth
dimension of dreams.

You must be very special indeed!

l don't understand.

Are you maybe...
Yes, of course.
l knew you were different from everyone else here!

That's it, isn't it?
You're... Still, l can't believe it!
l've never seen a ticket like that before!

Eagle Station's coming up soon.

No matter where we go,
we'll be together, right?

Look, that man's gone.
Where did he go?

l wonder where he went?

l sorta wish now that l had spent
more time talking to him.

lt kind of felt like he was interrupting.
l wanted him to leave...

...but now l feel bad.

Yeah. Me, too.

All of a sudden, l smell apples.

Yeah, you're right.
l smell them, too.

Thank you.

The ship we were on
hit a huge iceberg and sank.

l was hired as a tutor
to these children.
Two months ago, their father was
called home on business.
He left his daughter
and son in my care.

We were on our way home to join him.

lt was late at night, and we could
barely see the moonlight.
The fog was incredibly thick.
Then we hit the iceberg,
and the ship immediately began
to sink and list over.
The decks filled with water.
The portside lifeboats were already underwater,
so there weren't enough boats to go around.
The people around us quickly stepped
aside to open a path and let us through.
But it was clear that there were
far too many elderly and children...
for the boats that were left.

l'm responsible for these two children.
Their father left them in my care.
l am their tutor
and he would want me to try and save
them, so l began to push forward.

But l thought about what would
bring them true happiness.

What if l could truly save them,
even if it cost them their lives?
Allowing us to die would be my sin alone.

The best thing for them
might be to go now, together,
to be with God.
Better than to be saved this way.
But l remembered that it was my duty
to save their lives, so l pushed ahead.
l got desperate and started
shouting for them to get
these children into the lifeboats.
But as l saw mothers say goodbye
to their children forever
and as l saw fathers stand silently by,
desperately trying to hold back tears...

...l made my decision.

l decided that we would float
together as long as possible.
So l held them, and the three of us
waited for the ship to sink.

l'm not sure what happiness really is.

But if you keep to the true path
and listen to your heart,
even under terrible conditions,
you can climb any mountain,
no matter how high.

l believe we can all reach true
happiness, one step at a time.

Yes. l agree.

To reach true happiness,
we must serve God,
even if we do so from
the depths of our despair.

Would you care for an apple?

It's so beautiful.

Please, go ahead and have some.

Would you care for an apple?
Let's share.

Thanks so much.

Where do these delicious apples
come from? They're wonderful!

Around here, things just seem to
grow on their own, without effort.
lt isn't hard at all.

lf you sow the proper seeds, you'll find
they bloom quickly all by themselves.

l see.

lt's true for apples
and even for candy.

l was dreaming.
l was dreaming about my mother.
She was just asking me
if l wanted a nice big red apple.
And when l woke up,
l was holding one!

We're still on the train.

What a beautiful apple!

lt smells delicious.
l must have smelled it in my sleep.

Look, crows!
Out the window.

Yes. There's a
whole bunch of them outside!

Those aren't crows.
They're magpies, actually.

l see.


Look! More apples!

That's hymn.

Those people in the forest out
there are singing in chorus.

Look! lt's a field of corn!

Yeah, yeah, it is.

There, it's the station.

That sounds like the
New World Symphony.

What is it?

There was a boy outside
standing in front of a small house.


l think l know him.
l've seen that boy.

l know that boy, too.

Then we must have met him
somewhere before.

We're in this region now, aren't we?

That's right.

ls that on fire?

That's the Flame of Scorpio.

l know all about that Flame.


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