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29 January 2009

GR part 5: Eternal Flame of Scorpio

Part 1: The story begins...
Part 2: Swan Station
Part 3: I Carry a Ticket of Eternity
Part 4: Southern Cross

Mother hasn't had dinner yet.
She's still waiting for me.



Excuse me,
but we didn't get our milk today.

Oh, l'm terribly sorry.
That's all my fault!

l'm afraid l left the calf's gate
open this afternoon.

He went straight for his mother
and drank half her milk...
before l could stop him!
Wouldn't you know.

There we go.

l see.
Thank you very much.

l'm very sorry.

lt's all right.

Marceau, what's wrong?

Giovanni, hurry!
Everybody's all down by the river!

The river?

Campanella fell into the river!

Zanelli was standing in one of the boats.

He leaned out to put his lantern in the water...
where the current could catch it...

But the boat lurched and Zanelli
fell in and started to sink!

Campanella dove right in after him!

He swam down and pushed
Zanelli back to the boat!

Kato grabbed Zanelli and pulled
him back in, but by then... by then!

By then, Campanella had
disappeared! Completely.

Everyone in town is down there searching for him!

His father's there, too.

But they haven't found him.
They took Zanelli home, already.

Well... He may be further
downstream by now.

No. lt's no use now.
lt's been minutes since he fell in.

Then... We should stop?


Giovanni. l'm sorry
but l didn't see you there.

l want to thank you very much
for coming here tonight.

l've been meaning to ask you, has your
father returned home from the north yet?


l wonder what's wrong?

He seemed very happy in the letter
l got from him just a few days ago.

He should have been home today.

Maybe his boat is late.

Giovanni, if you would please
bring your classmates over to my house after school tomorrow.

l know Campanella is out there.

He's there, at the edge
of the Universe.

l know, because we explored it together.

l vow to be like that scorpion.

Dear Lord, hear my prayer,
For the true happiness of everyone,
l will let my body burn
a hundred times over.


No matter where l go,
we'll always be together.

The phenomenon that is myself
is one of the imagined organic lights;

One of its blue illuminations,
consisting of all kinds of
transparent ghosts.

While it flickers energetically
with the scenery, with everyone,

lt is a blue illumination of a lamp,
whose alternating currents are
indeed burning very brightly.

While maintaining
the light, the lamp is lost.

This is my appreciation of
the past months;
So l have entered all this on paper with mineral ink.

lt all flickers with me,
Everyone can feel it,
at the same time.

A piece of the shadow and the light
that l have kept until now,

Are, as you see, a mental sketch.

* * *


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