In this wonderful world of KAGAYA, you will encounter the eternal motif in the grandeur of Cosmos where imaginations meet reality in a fantastic and inspiring virtue of hyper realism and celestial transparency. All the works on this site belong to KAGAYA et al.

22 March 2009

Celestial Age: Tranquility

The sea within atoll is very calm.
Floating with her ears on and in the water,
She can hear dolphins chatting and even fish and corals breathing.
The sea here, with countless lives in it, goes as far as the opposite side of the planet.
She loves to float in tranquility,
feeling something identical with all lives on the whole planet.

Celestial Age: Ambiente

In courtesy of Kagaya

There are many small islands in the coral reef around the mother island.
You can see the woods of mangroves and various kinds of plants on this largest island.
When tide is coming to rise, fish and dolphins come under the woods with the salty water.
She loves very much to pass time, hearing waves and birds,
smelling fruits and flowers, feeling breeze through woods and sunlight through trees.

21 March 2009

Celestial Age: Earthlight

As promised, I'm going to guide you step-by-step through Scenes of the Ultimate Heaven!


The surface of the moon commands a splendid view of the earth.
The grand globe, with the dazzling blue light glaring, stays perfectly still in the sky of the moon.

Explorers, who are traveling from faraway stars, look at the sacred planet expecting their exciting explore for the final destination.
Immigrants, who had lived on the earth before, look at the mother planet reflecting their happy old days from the land of revolution.

It's our greatest joy to see our home planet.
Let's bless the planet of our hearts!