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28 February 2009

Celestial Exploring

This is the story of the Ultimate Celestial World, the wisdom of human people will build three thousand years hereafter. It is called "The Celestial Age".

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The Celestial Age

The civilization of human people has made a great progress in mind as well as in science. Being able to immigrate onto stars, people don't need weapons or soldiers any more. Being freed from bothering about material inconveniences, they have been able to concentrate on enriching their mind.

Getting all of their dreams come true by virtue of their intelligence, people have no more desire for possession or wealth. People are matured in their mind enough to keep justice without any law or rule. This Ultimate World is just like the one in the Golden Age, which their ancestors imagined in their old mythology.

Travels to the Home Land

In Celestial Voyage Age, people built millions of space ships and set sails for various stars from the earth. People immigrated to live on the stars permanently and, as time passed, they descended to tell about Earth as their holy planet.

“Traveling to the Home Land” is now the dream for many people. Explorers from everywhere in the galaxy travel to the earth by way of “Celestial Gate Networks”. When they pass through the Gates, they can see Earth - the planet of life - which is as natural as it originally was, having been restored by the descendants of human beings remained on Earth.

In the far future
People will go to stars in the Universe,
getting their dream---living in the New World, come true.
But, they will never forget their Home Planet---the Earth.

This is the story of travels in the celestial world
From far stars to the Ultimate Heaven---the Earth in the farther future.

The Earth after 3000 years, have returned into her original skin and face, with pure water, pure air, landless sea and immense ice. People enjoy their life in peace, no war, no conflict, they sing and flute everywhere and everytime. Immigrants come to the Earth more and more, they come to see the old planet their ancestors had abandoned because of air pollution and resources exhaustion, now has become the purest, the best world for living creatures once again.

Next time, I'll guide you through Scenes of the Ultimate Heaven !

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