In this wonderful world of KAGAYA, you will encounter the eternal motif in the grandeur of Cosmos where imaginations meet reality in a fantastic and inspiring virtue of hyper realism and celestial transparency. All the works on this site belong to KAGAYA et al.

11 January 2009


Welcome aboard the fantasy train in the stars! “The Celestial Railroad” is a fantastic journey of a boy, Giovanni, in a dreamscape created into a colorful full-dome CG animation picture with inspiring background music.

Based on a story written in the early 20th century, KAGAYA, a digital fine artist, has breathed new life into the unique imaginary world using creativity and precise astronomical knowledge.

The starry sky is depicted as the Celestial Field made up of a river, a field of silver grasses, flowers, birds, survey towers, railway signals and more. Across this amazing beautiful scenery, the Celestial Railroad runs along the Milky Way.

It is a fantasy world in full color, but designed with scientific accuracy. This unforgettable travel will be a delight to the eyes and ears of all the audience. Children will enjoy the fantasy with a scientific touch while adults will be entertained by the elegant artistry and its profound implications.

* * * Full Download of this fantastic trip! * * *

Based on a story by Kenji Miyazawa
Scenario/Computer Graphics/Direction: KAGAYA
Music: Rei Kagaya

Running time: 48 minutes
Educational content: Constellations

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