In this wonderful world of KAGAYA, you will encounter the eternal motif in the grandeur of Cosmos where imaginations meet reality in a fantastic and inspiring virtue of hyper realism and celestial transparency. All the works on this site belong to KAGAYA et al.

29 January 2009

KAGAYA et al. - Dream Mediators

A reputed world forerunner of Digital Painting, Kagaya works completed entirely on a computer. Since he spent his childhood in wonderment of the stars in the sky, he has been working in Astronomy-related areas, contributing many astronomical illustrations to books, magazines, and planetariums. Having his eternal motif in the grandeur of the cosmic world, he has had a successful career as an illustrator for astronomical books and magazines, and many of his works have been turned into jigsaw puzzles, among other products.

While stars are drawn just as they really are, nevertheless, images are fantastic and inspiring, by virtue of his Hyper Realism and his Celestial Transparency.

He has strong popularity in Asia. "The Zodiac, 12 Greek Mythologies" is a best-selling jigsaw puzzle. The minor planet 11949 is named Kagaya Yutaka after his real name in honor of his contribution to astronomy as an artist.

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GR part 5: Eternal Flame of Scorpio

Part 1: The story begins...
Part 2: Swan Station
Part 3: I Carry a Ticket of Eternity
Part 4: Southern Cross

Mother hasn't had dinner yet.
She's still waiting for me.



Excuse me,
but we didn't get our milk today.

Oh, l'm terribly sorry.
That's all my fault!

l'm afraid l left the calf's gate
open this afternoon.

He went straight for his mother
and drank half her milk...
before l could stop him!
Wouldn't you know.

There we go.

l see.
Thank you very much.

l'm very sorry.

lt's all right.

Marceau, what's wrong?

Giovanni, hurry!
Everybody's all down by the river!

The river?

Campanella fell into the river!

Zanelli was standing in one of the boats.

He leaned out to put his lantern in the water...
where the current could catch it...

But the boat lurched and Zanelli
fell in and started to sink!

Campanella dove right in after him!

He swam down and pushed
Zanelli back to the boat!

Kato grabbed Zanelli and pulled
him back in, but by then... by then!

By then, Campanella had
disappeared! Completely.

Everyone in town is down there searching for him!

His father's there, too.

But they haven't found him.
They took Zanelli home, already.

Well... He may be further
downstream by now.

No. lt's no use now.
lt's been minutes since he fell in.

Then... We should stop?


Giovanni. l'm sorry
but l didn't see you there.

l want to thank you very much
for coming here tonight.

l've been meaning to ask you, has your
father returned home from the north yet?


l wonder what's wrong?

He seemed very happy in the letter
l got from him just a few days ago.

He should have been home today.

Maybe his boat is late.

Giovanni, if you would please
bring your classmates over to my house after school tomorrow.

l know Campanella is out there.

He's there, at the edge
of the Universe.

l know, because we explored it together.

l vow to be like that scorpion.

Dear Lord, hear my prayer,
For the true happiness of everyone,
l will let my body burn
a hundred times over.


No matter where l go,
we'll always be together.

The phenomenon that is myself
is one of the imagined organic lights;

One of its blue illuminations,
consisting of all kinds of
transparent ghosts.

While it flickers energetically
with the scenery, with everyone,

lt is a blue illumination of a lamp,
whose alternating currents are
indeed burning very brightly.

While maintaining
the light, the lamp is lost.

This is my appreciation of
the past months;
So l have entered all this on paper with mineral ink.

lt all flickers with me,
Everyone can feel it,
at the same time.

A piece of the shadow and the light
that l have kept until now,

Are, as you see, a mental sketch.

* * *


GR part 4: Southern Cross

Part 1: The story begins...
Part 2: Swan Station
Part 3: I Carry a Ticket of Eternity

What's the Flame of Scorpio?

lt's a scorpion that burned to death.
lt burst into flames.
lt was so hot...
it is still burning today.

Scorpions are really bad bugs!
My teacher told me that
they'll try to sting you with
their tail and you can die!

That's true, but scorpions aren't bad.

Our father told us once about
the scorpion of Baldora Field.
The scorpion killed other bugs
and ate them.

Then one day, a weasel found him.
The scorpion fled,
and fell into a deep well.
He was trapped, and knew he'd die.
Then, he thought to himself,
"How often have l eaten other creatures?
And now, the one time that
l was the prey, l fled in utter terror.
And look what came of that.
l'll die in this well, alone."

"Life is filled with uncertainty.
Why didn't l accept my fate? lf l had
freely given my life to the weasel,
l would have given him
another day of life.
But now my death will help no one.
l am useless.
Dear Lord, l beg of you, look into
my heart and hear my prayer.
ln my next life, don't let me
waste myself.
Let me use my body for the true
happiness of everyone in the world."

And then the scorpion burst into flame:
a brilliant crimson glow.
And by the light of his burning body,
he lit up the night forever.

How beautiful!

We're at the village of Centaurus!

Centaurus! The Festival!

Yeah! You're right!
lt's the Festival of Stars!
lt looks like everyone is out celebrating
the Centaurus Festival tonight.

We'll be at the Southern Cross soon.
Get ready to disembark.
We need to get ready to go now.

l want to stay here on the train!
l don't want to go.

l know, but we have to get off here.

No! l'm staying on the train!
l want to ride some more!

l'm sorry but we have to get off here.
lt's time for us all to go.

Now, be a good boy.
This is where we get to Heaven.

Come, we need to go.

Well. Goodbye, then.



l guess... lt's just the two of us now.

Hey, let's just keep going
like this forever! Okay?

That's right! We'll always be together,
won't we, Campanella?

Yes, l'd like that.

But then again,
where exactly are we going, anyway?

Well, l don't know.

As long as we're together!

Hey! Look at that!

lt's the Coal Sack - a hole in the sky.

What's wrong? Hey, don't worry!
l'm not afraid of the dark anymore.

We'll get through this
together, won't we?

Yeah, l guess you're right then.
We will get through it.

Look at that lovely field out there.
lt's so beautiful. So peaceful.

What field?

That must be the field
of the true Heaven.

l see now. That's where my mother is.
She's waiting for me.

Campanella, we'll always
be together, won't we?


Campanella, wait!
Wait! l'm going with you!

Goodbye, Giovanni, my friend.

No! Wait!

You said we'd be together forever!
You promised!

Open up! Open up!

Open up! Open up!

Goodbye, Giovanni...



GR part 3: I Carry a Ticket of Eternity

Part 1: The story begins...
Part 2: Swan Station

The observatory at Albireo?

We're already leaving the Swan.

You can see the observatory
at Albireo outside right now.

Of course, they probably won't
give you an answer.

Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee!

Even though it be a cross that raiseth me,

Still all my song shall be,

Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee.

Ticket inspection!
Ticket inspection!

lt's time for ticket inspection!

May l have your tickets, please?


Your ticket, please.

Excuse me, sir, but did you get
this ticket in the third dimension?

l'm not really sure where l got it.

Very well, sir.

We will reach the Southern Cross
at precisely 12 o'clock, sir.

My ticket is different.

Can my ticket take me where you're going?

Of course!
That's an incredibly rare ticket!

lt can even take you. Yes,
it can take you to the true Heaven!

Why, with that ticket...

Yes, l see! lt'll take you
to everywhere this train runs,
anywhere in the fourth
dimension of dreams.

You must be very special indeed!

l don't understand.

Are you maybe...
Yes, of course.
l knew you were different from everyone else here!

That's it, isn't it?
You're... Still, l can't believe it!
l've never seen a ticket like that before!

Eagle Station's coming up soon.

No matter where we go,
we'll be together, right?

Look, that man's gone.
Where did he go?

l wonder where he went?

l sorta wish now that l had spent
more time talking to him.

lt kind of felt like he was interrupting.
l wanted him to leave...

...but now l feel bad.

Yeah. Me, too.

All of a sudden, l smell apples.

Yeah, you're right.
l smell them, too.

Thank you.

The ship we were on
hit a huge iceberg and sank.

l was hired as a tutor
to these children.
Two months ago, their father was
called home on business.
He left his daughter
and son in my care.

We were on our way home to join him.

lt was late at night, and we could
barely see the moonlight.
The fog was incredibly thick.
Then we hit the iceberg,
and the ship immediately began
to sink and list over.
The decks filled with water.
The portside lifeboats were already underwater,
so there weren't enough boats to go around.
The people around us quickly stepped
aside to open a path and let us through.
But it was clear that there were
far too many elderly and children...
for the boats that were left.

l'm responsible for these two children.
Their father left them in my care.
l am their tutor
and he would want me to try and save
them, so l began to push forward.

But l thought about what would
bring them true happiness.

What if l could truly save them,
even if it cost them their lives?
Allowing us to die would be my sin alone.

The best thing for them
might be to go now, together,
to be with God.
Better than to be saved this way.
But l remembered that it was my duty
to save their lives, so l pushed ahead.
l got desperate and started
shouting for them to get
these children into the lifeboats.
But as l saw mothers say goodbye
to their children forever
and as l saw fathers stand silently by,
desperately trying to hold back tears...

...l made my decision.

l decided that we would float
together as long as possible.
So l held them, and the three of us
waited for the ship to sink.

l'm not sure what happiness really is.

But if you keep to the true path
and listen to your heart,
even under terrible conditions,
you can climb any mountain,
no matter how high.

l believe we can all reach true
happiness, one step at a time.

Yes. l agree.

To reach true happiness,
we must serve God,
even if we do so from
the depths of our despair.

Would you care for an apple?

It's so beautiful.

Please, go ahead and have some.

Would you care for an apple?
Let's share.

Thanks so much.

Where do these delicious apples
come from? They're wonderful!

Around here, things just seem to
grow on their own, without effort.
lt isn't hard at all.

lf you sow the proper seeds, you'll find
they bloom quickly all by themselves.

l see.

lt's true for apples
and even for candy.

l was dreaming.
l was dreaming about my mother.
She was just asking me
if l wanted a nice big red apple.
And when l woke up,
l was holding one!

We're still on the train.

What a beautiful apple!

lt smells delicious.
l must have smelled it in my sleep.

Look, crows!
Out the window.

Yes. There's a
whole bunch of them outside!

Those aren't crows.
They're magpies, actually.

l see.


Look! More apples!

That's hymn.

Those people in the forest out
there are singing in chorus.

Look! lt's a field of corn!

Yeah, yeah, it is.

There, it's the station.

That sounds like the
New World Symphony.

What is it?

There was a boy outside
standing in front of a small house.


l think l know him.
l've seen that boy.

l know that boy, too.

Then we must have met him
somewhere before.

We're in this region now, aren't we?

That's right.

ls that on fire?

That's the Flame of Scorpio.

l know all about that Flame.


22 January 2009

GR part 2: Swan Station

Part 1: The story begins...

Galaxy Station!
Current stop: Galaxy Station!

Swan Station is coming up soon.

l love to watch swans.
They're so beautiful.
l can spot them from miles away,
as they glide across the river.

The riverbed is
shining in the moonlight.

lt's starlight, not moonlight!
That's the glow of the galaxy.

What? What is it?

l didn't think we'd get a chance to go off on our own tonight.

l mean, did you, Campanella?

What do you mean? You thought we'd be with everyone from school?

No, not that.
Forget it.

Look, those must be
the fields of heaven outside.

This train doesn't burn coal, does it?
Maybe alcohol?

lt must run on electricity.

Look, the gentian flowers are blooming!

lt's finally autumn...

l'm going to jump out and pick some of them!

l promise l'll be right back, okay?

lt's too late. Look, we've already passed them. They're far behind.

l hope my mother forgives me for this.
l tried my best.

Oh, yes, my mother!
She must be very far away by now.

l'll bet she's thinking about me.

Giovanni. You know,

l would do anything in the world
to make my mother happy.
But sometimes l wonder if
there is something l could do
that would make her TRULY happy?

What do you mean?
l'm sure your mother is happy.

Why do you think she wouldn't be?

l don't know
how to explain it,

but l think people are happiest
when they do something truly good.

That's why l think my mother
will forgive me for what l've done.

lf people really do try to do their best,
l think everyone could be happy.

lt looks like
we'll be at Swan Station soon!

We'll arrive at exactly 8 o'clock.

There will be a 5-minute stop-over.

Hey, do you think
we should go outside and look around.

Let's walk around a little bit.

What a huge station!

Where'd everyone go?
No one's here.

You're right.

Which way do you want to go?

Straight ahead.

Okay! l'll race you!

What is it?

There's a tiny
door there.

We should try
going down.

Why not?

lt goes pretty far down.
Think we should try it?

Let's do it.

lt's a town commons.

Everyone's gone from here too.

Looks like it.

Something's written over there.

"This way to the Pliocene Coast."
Let's go!

They lookjust like the stone steps
that go down to the river.

How far down do
you think it goes?

l don't know.

Every grain of sand is
a crystalline jewel.

There's a spark
of fire inside every one.

Someone's up ahead of us!

Let's go and have a look.

What is it?

lt's a walnut.
Just look! They're everywhere.

That's a huge one!

lt's twice as big as a normal walnut.

And it looks in perfect shape!

Look over there! lt's them.

l think they're digging something up.

Remember, be careful
near that outcropping!

Use the shovel!
You'd better dig a little farther back!

Careful, careful!
Try to work gently!

Are you here to observe?

Yes, sir.

l see there that you have
found yourself a walnut!

There were millions of them, once.

That walnut dates from million years ago.

Over a million years?

We've dated these rocks.

They come from the Tertiary Era, 1.8 million years ago.

Be careful with that chisel!
Not so hard!

We've found an ancient animal
called a vos,

which was the ancestor
of our modern cow.

Will you put it on display?

No, this is pure research.

From here, this looks like a thick, rich, fossil stratum.

The evidence indicates that
the rocks are 1.2 million years old.

But to others, this region might
look completely different.

You see, it all depends on
who might be looking at it.

To someone else, this whole area
might appear to be air, or even water
or an empty patch of sky.
Do you understand? Still--

Hey, be careful!
Don't use the shovel there!

That ground is too soft!

Yes, sir! Gotcha!

lt's time to go!

But l want to see a little more.

We can't.
We'll miss the train if we stay.

Let's go!

Thanks a lot, sir!

Very well.

The whole town has changed.

Everything turned to stone.


We made it back!

We just ran as fast as the wind...

lt's amazing.

Yeah, for some million years!

Excuse me.
ls it all right if l sit here?


Thank you very much, young gentleman.

Where is it you two boys are headed off to?

To the end of the universe!

l see. That's wonderful.

You know, this train can actually take you there.

And where is it that you're heading to, sir?

The next stop.
l'm a birdcatcher so l get off next.

What do you do with them
after you catch them?

You eat them. Why, haven't you ever eaten a bird?

Here, look at these.
l just caught these herons yesterday.

And you really eat them?

Sure. l get orders for them every day.

Who in the world
could eat a heron?

Everyone eats them! Here,
why don't you try some foryourself?

Here you go.

And some for you, too.

Please, go ahead, eat some.

Go ahead.

This is... lt's candy!

Why don't you try it, too?

Sure. Thanks a lot.

What magnificent herons!

Thank you very much.

So, tell me, do the migratory flocks
look promising this year or not?

Yes! They're incredible!

There are hordes of birds coming in
from all over! They're everywhere.

Just a couple of days ago,
l got some complaint calls.

People were calling to tell me...

l shouldn't be blinking in
the lighthouse light.

l told them l wasn't doing any
such thing. lt wasn't my fault.

There were huge flocks of birds in front
of the light, one right after another!

l told those idiots, "Look, l can't do
anything about a bunch of birds!
lf you wanna complain, then complain
to the big one who leads the flock."

"He's easy to spot: long legs,
a huge beak, and a rustling cape!"

Yeah, that's what l told them.

Ah, yes. This is my stop.

Hey, he's out there!

Ah, that was refreshing!

There's really nothing more satisfying
than hard work at a job you do well.

You have geese and heron.
Can you get cranes?

Sure, there's plenty of them all around.

You can hear them now. Go on.

Just listen carefully
and you'll hear them.

lt's the wireless operator.

Thank you very much.

Here, take my hand.

Right here, sir?

Yes. Thank you both.

Excuse me,
but do you hear anything?

What are you hearing?
Please tell us!

l don't know.

l've been picking this up for a while now,
but l can't seem to decipher it.

What does it sound like?
ls it some sort of secret code?

Can you take dictation for me?

Sure. Yes, sir.

The static is pretty bad.

"God... to... Thee... near..."

There's more static.

"Even... though... it... be... a... cross..."

"...eth... me... still... all..."

"my... song... shall... be."

That's all there is.

Nothing but static after that.

What is it?

The signal just keeps repeating over and over again.
Always the same.

l can pick it up on the wireless.

God to Thee near
even though it be a cross...

eth me still
all my song shall be...

So what do you think it means?

l don't know.

lt's number .

Number .

Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee!

Even though it be a cross
that raiseth me,

Still all my song shall be,

Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer, my God, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee.

lt's an appeal to be carried away
to Heaven. A prayer for salvation.

- A prayer? Whose prayer?

- l don't know.

But they probably know,
in the observatory at Albireo.


Continue : I Carry a Ticket of Eternity

16 January 2009

GR part 1: The story begins...

Night on the Galatic Railroad

So, class, as you can see, it looks like a river,
but it seems to be made of milk.

- Can anyone here tell me what gives it this white glow?

- Me! Me! Me! Me!

- Giovanni.

- Yes, sir.

- Tell me, Giovanni, if you see the galaxy through a telescope,
what is it made of?

- Giovanni was sleeping!

- He always does this.

- He was late this morning.

- All right then, Campanella.

- What's Campanella doing?

- What's with him?

- Maybe Campanella doesn't know, either.

- Then why's hejust standing there?

- He'd better say something soon!

- Did you see Giovanni this morning?

- He was playing with Campanella's dog.

Maybe Campanella's ignoring him, so a dog's the best he can do.

- All right. Sit down, both of you.
lf you were to look at our pale galaxy through a telescope,
you would be able to see that it is actually
a belt of stars.
Right, Giovanni?

Campanella kept quiet just so.

Giovanni wouldn't look stupid in front of the class.

But l knew it. Campanella and l both knew.
We had both looked at his father's galaxy atlas in the den of his house.
And if we extend the comparison further, all of these stars are like
little drops of oil,
floating in that sea of milk.

So if we were to look at this a little more literally,
the "water" of our metaphoric river is actually
the light which speeds...

Giovanni's so absent minded lately
because his father still hasn't come back yet.

- Really? But won't his dad be home soon?

- No way! He went out to capture otters in the North Sea.

- But it was an illegal trip, and they threw him in jail like a common criminal!
- Zanelli!

l was going to discuss the tremendous size of the galaxy
and the various types of stars in it,
but it seems that we're out of time for today.
We'll discuss all that in my next lecture.

The Festival of Stars is tonight.

- I encourage everyone to take part in the celebration.

Well, then, class dismissed!
Let's meet by the aspen trees at the school gate!
Your father brought this crab specimen back for us.
Hold it for me, would you?
Your father also brought back the antlers and those rare fossils in this display case here.

- So, have you heard from your father recently?

-No, sir.

- l see.

- Well, don't worry.

- Yes, sir.

- Tomorrow l have some errands to run on your side of town.
l'll probably stop by your house to say hello to your mother and see how she's doing.

- Goodbye, sir.

- Yes. Goodbye.

l think that your friends are planning to float lanterns on the river for the festival.

Yes, but l have to...

Yes. You have to work.
But... maybe if l do my work quickly,
l can go to the river and watch afterwards.

You do that.

Yes, sir!

Yeah! l know how to make them!

Where should we meet?

Under the bridge!

Let's use blue candles!
lt'll be easy! My father showed me how to do it!

- Then you're in charge.

- But do it before the Festival.

We can start at Campanella's and walk to the town commons!

- Can l bring my little sister?

- Sure, but only if she keeps quiet.

l can't lose my ticket. lf l did that...
...l wouldn't be able to board the train.

Hi, Mom. l'm home.
How are you feeling?

ls that you, Giovanni?
l'm glad you're home.
l felt much better today.

The weather was so cool.

l got some sugar to put in your milk.
l thought you'd like that.
When did Sis get home?

Around o'clock. She did the housework for me.

Hey, Mom, didn't they deliver the milk today?

lsn't it on the counter?

l'll go outside and get it for you.

No, go ahead and eat.

l'll have something later.

Your sister made some tomato soup.
lt should be on the table.

Okay. l'll have a little then.

Say, Mom... l feel like...
l feel like Father's going to be back soon.
Don't you think so, Mom?

Yes. l think you're right.
This morning l read some of the papers l was delivering.
They said the fishing was really good in the north this year.
Well, your father might not have gone fishing.

Of course he did.
He wouldn't have done anything illegal.

You know that he isn't like that, Mother.
All those times before he brought back neat things for the school,
like that giant crab shell,
and the reindeer antlers.
The school still has them on display.
Do you know that, Mother?

Your father promised to bring you an otter-skin coat, didn't he?

The kids at school say that they're always making fun of me.

Are they bullying you?

Not Campanella. He doesn't bother me at all.

Campanella's father and your father have been friends since they were very young.
Father used to take me over to Campanella's house to play sometimes.
That was so much fun.
You know Campanella has a wonderful toy steam train that runs on alcohol.

lsn't the Festival of Stars tonight?

Yeah. l'm going to the festival after l go out to get your milk from the dairy.

Good. l'm glad you're going.
But don't go near the river.

I'll watch from the shore.
l'll be back in an hour or so.

Take your time.

l won't worry if you're going to be with Campanella. Aren't you?

Yes, l'll be with him.
See you.

lt might actually be an hour and a half.
Have fun.

Some people see the galaxy as a giant river of milk
and all of these stars are like
drops of oil floating in that sea of milk.
Here, where we live, exist as the stars do.
Our sun and the Earth itself float within this sea.

You could even say that we all live in the waters of the river of heaven.

- The Centaurus Festival!

- Centaurus Festival!

Every light up there in that glowing band is actually a star.


Continue : Swan Station

11 January 2009

A Japanese classic tale

—by Eri Izawa

GINGA TETSUDOU NO YORU is well-known in Japan as a classic in children's literature, so famous that almost every Japanese adult will have at least heard of it. To the newcomer coming from the anime/manga world, however, it may well be mistaken for the GINGA TETSUDOU 999 anime and manga series by Matsumoto Leiji (Nobita of the manga series DORAEMON once makes this very mistake!)

The resemblance is there: both "Milky Way Railroads" feature a mysterious train on a fantastic journey, a young passenger, and priceless lessons learned along the way.

Miyazawa's story, however, is the original. Deeply layered in beautiful text, symbolic meaning, and profound philosophy, it is little wonder it has become a literary classic. All this despite the fact Miyazawa's manuscript (published after his death) comes in many different versions, is incomplete, and is full of gaps!

The story's main character is a poor young schoolboy named Giovanni, whose father is possibly in jail (Giovanni doesn't think so), and whose mother is ill. Though picked on by other kids—with the exception of his friend Campanellula—Giovanni tries to maintain his pride, and is capable of escaping the humiliation by withdrawing into his imagination.

On the night of a festival, he winds up out alone in the dark fields, where he hears a voice calling, "Milky Way Station, Milky Way Station." Giovanni finds himself on board a train traveling beside a shimmering river that is the Milky Way. He travels with Campanellula.

As they ride, going from the Northern Cross to Cygnus and beyond (in fact, one critic observed, toward the center of the galaxy), they meet different people. Yet Giovanni is somehow special, for he alone of all the passengers carries some kind of pass that allows him to go anywhere at all, even beyond Heaven itself. When he realizes this, he begins to feel a new compassion and pity for all the others. He begins to feel that he can make any sacrifice for the happiness of other people. But what, he wonders, is true happiness?

The train's travels draw to a close and the characters dissapear. Even as Giovanni and Campanellula promise each other they would travel on together forever, Campanellula catches sight of a beautiful field in which he sees his mother; then he, too, is gone. Giovanni remains, alone again.

Giovanni awakens from this apparent dream and returns to town, where he discovers that Campanellula had drowned in a stream. He receives some comforting words from Campanellula's father about his own absent father, and then, his mind full of different thoughts, he goes home. But he goes home a changed person.

. . .

Many people have tried to unravel the layers and meanings in this story. Indeed, thanks to the number of different versions of the text, all the gaps, and the heavy symbolism, the task is difficult. Not all versions, for example, have the later versions' beginning and end, and an earlier version contains much more explicitly stated philosophy. Still, readers of GINGA TETSUDOU NO YORU agree that this work, possibly Miyazawa's best, is special for its beauty, meaning, and pure magic.

Based on the version published by: Kumon Publishing Co., Ltd. 1993

The way throughout Milky Way

This is a story of some children always dreaming of traveling by train in the Milky Way, through all over the mysterious stars and lands. In that fantastic dream, every day, as for that small clean train, while flapping in the wind of the favorite the and others does, the water of the Milky Way and the blue of magical stations it was and in low light level, to everywhere the origin, it was to keep running to somewhere.

In courtesy of KAGAYA

The shore for Setting out:
Many hours passed, the train kept passing through many lands, but it seems that these worlds only really live at night. In day-time, the scenes is very supernormal, The Milky Way River no longer inflected the shadow of demoiselles caused by thick nebulosities, the flowers covered itseft under the sun lights. All of creatures, all of plants, all of stars seem to be getting into dreams, a twelve-hour dream.

Fantasy Railroad in autumn:
"Look, gentian flowers are in full bloom. It's quite autumn now," said Campanella, pointing out of the window. Among short grasses along the railroad, they saw plenty of pretty purple gentian flowers which looked as if they had been carved out of moon-stone. "I'd try to get off and get back with them?" said Giovanni excitedly.
"It's too late. They've gone away."
No sooner had Campanella said so than another mass of shining gentians went away. And the next moment, one after another, countless cups of gentian flowers with yellow bottoms went away springing up or showering down. Meanwhile, lights of sankaku-hyos are endlessly in line along their way, some blurred, some blazing.

One after another and countless cups of gentian flowers with yellow bottoms went away springing up or showering down with the wind. Mean while, the lights are endlessly in line along train’s way, some blurred and some blazing. All passing by before the eye like a dream, a dream which is still shining more and more...

Northen Cross:
Suddenly, the inside of the train was filled with white light.They looked out to the Milky Way river.Through the transparent water flowing silently, the river-bed looked so gorgeous as to be filled with diamond, dew on a leaf and everything magnificent and beautiful. In the middle of the river, was an island with a round arch of dimly pale halo above it. On the level top of the island, did stand a brilliant and amazing white Cross, quietly and eternally, surrounded by the golden aureole as majestic as if it had been cast from a frozen cloud in the Arctic.

On the level tophill of the island, did stand a brilliant and amazing White Cross, quietly and eternally and surrounded by the golden aureole as majestic as if it had been cast from the frozen clouds in the North Pole of Milky Way.
The way to Fantasy Railroad:
Fantasy Railroad runs through the field of light of stars. It is not in cosmic space which is empty of anything, but in the world which is full of such familiar things as grasses, flowers, birds, utility poles and signals. The water of the river is ever so transparent as to be invisible, whereas creatures like fish live in it. There stand countless sankaku-hyos, which are supposed to be the marks for someone to devote himself to making a map of the world. While a scholar tries to dig fossils out of stratums in order to prove that the world has really been there. When we try to observe the world, however, we see nothing but vacuum of space with only stars floating in the sky. I wonder how our real world look, in return, when they observe toward us far from their invisible world.
“This scene looks so familiar with our home world, I wonder if we have returned to the Earth?” Campanella said, she bent her eyes to the birds wacthing her train passing. And a strange signal helped her realize that she was not on her planet for sure when she looked at the sky - She could not find a thing that is always on the night sky - the Moon Light . . .
Travelling of stars round:
“Yes. Oh and look! Is that riverside lightened by the moonlight?” Giovanni turned his face and saw silvery pampas grasses moving and fluttering and waving all around. “No and the moon is not here. We see them shining by themselves because we are in the Milky Way.” Saying so, She felt something of great joy, whistled a melody of “Traveling in the stars”, tapped the floor with his feet and then put his head out of the window stretching his neck full to see what the water of the Milky Way really is. He could not see anything at first. But gradually he came to see the water was more transparent than crystal and hydrogen and was flowing silently with ripples shining in purple and at times with waves sparkling in rainbow colors...
Meanwhile, the train was running among many sankaku-hyo towers standing with beautiful phosphorescent lights.
Many carpets of daisy wobbling in the wind, release thousands of scintillating pistils into the air. Transparent water reflected a swarm of demoiselle returning to their nest, after a whole flying-day.

Southern Cross:
Just then, they saw, in the downstream of transparent Milky Way, the holly Cross stand like a grand tree, glittering in blue, orange and every other color, and behind its back, pale white clouds shining around like a grand halo. There came an air of moving in the whole train. Everyone began to pray, standing straight, just as they had done at Northern Cross. There filled, everywhere in the train, voices of joy like those of delighted children and tones of deep and reverent sigh.
Gradually the window came closer to the front of the Cross and suddenly the whole saloon was covered with dazzling lights so even people in the train couldn’t see each other They could only see the pale white clouds revolving very slowly and shining like great star.

Fire of Scorpion:
“Yes and it is. Look! Those Triangular marks made a shape of a scorpion.” Giovanni shouted, beyond the huge fire and three towers formed arms of a scorpion and other five triangular marks formed a tail with a sting making a curve toward him. And at the center, the brilliantly beautiful red fire was burning silently and brightly and ever so brightly.

“I can’t believe it. What a mighty wonder!“
“Yep, look at that horrendous fire, I’m afraid that it can burn up all the universe!”
Scorpion, the mightiest asterism around the solar, standing in front of the child’s eyes. They had never seen such a glorious thing like that. Everyone in the train, even the driver, standing dumbstruckly before the great ascendancy from the Fire of Scorpion.
Destination: The Blue Planet
Iron wheels were rotating silently, the train passing a still space. The children were sleeping, they were quite tired of such great scenes, and the track would not last longer too.... Incidentally, Giovanni waked up, he put his head out of the window. “Where are we ?”
Before his eye, there was only a profound black zone of the infinity universe. But when he turned his face to the train tail, he shouted:
“Campanella, wake up, come here and take a look, is that the Milky Way?”
The girl sit up and head to the window. Behind the train there was a tiny symbol of the grand universe, an art work with numberless stars and colors. “Yeah that’s it, we have passes through it, the magical worlds”. Then both of them looked at the front, a blue, familiar planet gradually coming behind the shadowy dew. “I will never forget this fantastic passage”. Whispered Campanella, “So will I, my friend”, Giovanni agreed. The blue planet become larger and larger, and the train kept passing. . . .


Welcome aboard the fantasy train in the stars! “The Celestial Railroad” is a fantastic journey of a boy, Giovanni, in a dreamscape created into a colorful full-dome CG animation picture with inspiring background music.

Based on a story written in the early 20th century, KAGAYA, a digital fine artist, has breathed new life into the unique imaginary world using creativity and precise astronomical knowledge.

The starry sky is depicted as the Celestial Field made up of a river, a field of silver grasses, flowers, birds, survey towers, railway signals and more. Across this amazing beautiful scenery, the Celestial Railroad runs along the Milky Way.

It is a fantasy world in full color, but designed with scientific accuracy. This unforgettable travel will be a delight to the eyes and ears of all the audience. Children will enjoy the fantasy with a scientific touch while adults will be entertained by the elegant artistry and its profound implications.

* * * Full Download of this fantastic trip! * * *

Based on a story by Kenji Miyazawa
Scenario/Computer Graphics/Direction: KAGAYA
Music: Rei Kagaya

Running time: 48 minutes
Educational content: Constellations